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This week's Cygnet paper
This week's Kingston paper


Are available on request.
.pdf files are free of charge. Photocopies of complete papers cost $5 per paper plus postage if required.
You can search our original paper archive free of charge.

The first issue of the Cygnet Classifieds was published on 26 November 1986.

The first issue of the Kingston Classifieds was published on 13 November 1997.

From 30 August 2012 to this week are available as .pdf files. Some are up to 9MB. Also available as photocopies of the original printed paper. Please enquire.

From 13 January 1994 to 30 August 2012 our software was unable to produce .pdf copies of the paper, fortunately most of these are available as photocopies of the original printed paper. Please inquire.

Our archives are missing copies from issue 77, 3 November 1989 to issue 300, 13 January 1994. If you have any of these hidden away somewhere please let us know.

From issue 1, 26 November 1986 until issue 76, 26 October 1989, back issues may be available but papers may not be complete as some of the 'cut & paste' componenets of the paper may be missing.
If you have copies of the first 76 issues please let us know.

Use our contact page to enquire about back issues. Contact us